Business Is Feminine- How to crush your goals from a feminine energy

  1. When you write out your goals, don’t just get specific on how much money you’re going to make and how, also write out what you want your vibe and dominant mood to look and feel like.
  2. Decide on the bare minimum steps that you’re going to take each day to get yourself into your desired state/ mood/ vibe.
  3. Create a plan for what you’ll do when you get knocked out of it so that instead of reaching for your favorite numbing device (food, caffeine, tv, stress), you can bring yourself back into the state you’ll be most efficient in.
  4. Structure your week and work tasks around the activities that bring you joy and are easy for you to get excited about. Increasingly outsource everything else.
  5. Every morning and night, come back to your intentions: Did you live as you wanted to live today? Did you stay in your desired state? If not, what took you out? How can you come back to it faster next time? Did you move the needle towards what you wanted to do today?



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Sophie Dalton

Sophie Dalton

Life Coach & Personal Branding Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs