Business Is Feminine- How to crush your goals from a feminine energy

Sophie Dalton
4 min readApr 8, 2019


Online business is inherently feminine (and femininist)- Just look at the organic exchange of ideas and the speed at which we co-create; boosting each other up with ideas, inspiration, and collaboration.

However, most of us are still working through masculine frameworks that, while sometimes important, more often than not, hinder our businesses growth.

For example: Certifications, “grinding”, needing x number of people on our email lists or in our facebook groups before we hit 10k months, strategies, funnels, ad analytics, social proof.

While these elements are helpful and highly advisable for creating a business that scales and works for you, they are NOT imperative to accomplishing your next goals, or your biggest goals.

If you think that you’re not going to be worthy of recieving X number of dollars until you perform y task z number of times, you’re missing the point.

We created online businesses because we are already worthy, because we have something to share- a gift, a talent, a perspective, that somebody needs to hear.

We might not yet know exactly who that person is, but if you’ve bene called to this space and called to read this article, then it’s a part of your destiny to live life on your own terms- to create a life that wakes someone else up to the potential of what a free life might look like for them, and to do it in a way that awakens the divinity/ intuition/ giant/ goddess within you.

If you are waiting to give yourself permission for success when you’ve suffered enough, learned enough, become certified enough, etc., it doesn’t need to be this way.

No matter WHAT your goal is, there is someone who has done it faster than you- someone who is probably not as amazing, smart, kind as you, but someone who went out there and got it, simply because they believed in themselves.

If you have ALREADY COMMITTED to the defininite outcome of your dreams, then ask yourself the question of how you want to achieve it: When you get to the “top”/ when you realize your goals, what do you want your story to be?

Do you want to accomplish everything on your list having ground yourself into the ground, sacrificed your sleep, health, and social life in order to get there, or do you want to be able to enjoy the entire journey, because you had faith the whole time that everything was working in your favor (as it was) and that your joy was the best tool possible to accelerate your business growth (which it was).

You get to choose how you want this to work. Business is simple and made for you. Life is a game and you get to choose the rules. This is the truth. Or at least, it will be if you decide it will be.

Watch out for sneaky disempowering thoughts that tell you that you can’t have the results you want until you’ve achieved or worked hard on x, y, z.

Instead of growing your business from a place of disempowerment, start with your vibration:

How are you taking care of yourself? Are you maintaining a base level of self-care? Are you offering things that make you feel alive to people who you genuinely want to help?

Is there an energy of hood-winking, manipulation, needing to prove yourself?

Sure, if you can find people who are successful & who operate out of this energy, but if that who you want to be?

Successful but perpetually unworthy?

You can choose out of this.

I invite you to follow the steps below to reposition yourself and your business into an energy that not only gets you results, but that you WANT to live in, and that other people will want to live in with you.

  1. When you write out your goals, don’t just get specific on how much money you’re going to make and how, also write out what you want your vibe and dominant mood to look and feel like.
  2. Decide on the bare minimum steps that you’re going to take each day to get yourself into your desired state/ mood/ vibe.
  3. Create a plan for what you’ll do when you get knocked out of it so that instead of reaching for your favorite numbing device (food, caffeine, tv, stress), you can bring yourself back into the state you’ll be most efficient in.
  4. Structure your week and work tasks around the activities that bring you joy and are easy for you to get excited about. Increasingly outsource everything else.
  5. Every morning and night, come back to your intentions: Did you live as you wanted to live today? Did you stay in your desired state? If not, what took you out? How can you come back to it faster next time? Did you move the needle towards what you wanted to do today?

If you complete this recipe, you will be well on your way to creating a life that doesn’t just accomplish your goals, but on where you can enjoy the process.

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Sophie Dalton

Life Coach & Personal Branding Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs